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What will Seamus do this time?

Financial crimes investigator Seamus McCree has wife problems, and Lizzie's not even his wife anymore. Her current husband disappeared on a business trip to Savannah. Was he kidnapped? Dispatched by his hedge fund partners? Or did he run off with another woman? Police assume he's AWOL, and Lizzie turns to Seamus for help.

Seamus has no desire to be sucked into Lizzie's drama again, but her angst is also affecting their son, Paddy. Seamus agrees to help discover the truth, a quest that soon involves the entire extended family. Long buried secrets surface and each member must confront the question, "How far can you trust your family?"

Equal parts road trip, who done what, and domestic thriller, book four in the Seamus McCree series takes psychological suspense to a new level. Seamus McCree fans and newcomers alike will delight in this fast-paced novel that leaves no one in the family unchanged and keeps you guessing until the very end.

What Readers Say ...

James M. Jackson has once again proven himself a skilled storyteller with this highly entertaining page turner that takes the reader into the heart and soul of Seamus McCree's often dysfunctional family. Doubtful Relations is a rollercoaster ride of missing persons, drug cartels, crime lords, shady stock market dealings, car crashes and shoot-em-ups that left me breathless—and not quite knowing who to trust—until the very end.

~ Annette Dashofy, USA Today bestselling author of the two-time Agatha nominated Zoe Chambers mysteries.

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Send proof of your pre-order or purchase of Doubtful Relations during August to jmj@jamesmjackson.com, and I'll send you a link so you can download a copy of the not-yet-published story, "Power of Attorney."

The story takes place in the future after Empty Promises and False Bottom and features Seamus and Niki (from Cabin Fever) and is set in Chicago.

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