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Where I'll Be

Future Physical Visits

November 17-18, 2017 Blufton, SC I'm participating in the Blufton, SC Book Festival. From what I hear, it's going to be a great time.

Future Virtual Visits

Alternate Sundays Writers Who Kill Blog

Whatever strikes me at the time.
Booklovers' Bench I hang out with a great group of writers at the Booklovers' Bench website

We run contests and promotions all the time and provide insights into our writing you won't find elsewhere. Check it out.

Recent Physical Visits

April 29, 2017 Cape Charles, VA I am joining author Doug Lutz a the Cape Charles Coffee House to discuss writing and sign copies of the anthology containing our stories, 50 Shades of Cabernet.
April 21, 2017 Savannah, GA Bound to Please is reading Lowcountry Crime as it's April book. I'll be to participate in the discussions. Some of the other authors may be there too.
March 16 - March 19, 2017 Honolulu, HI Left Coast Crime. On 3/16 @1:15 I'm on the "Authors Tell All" Panel. I'm told this will not be recorded and police will be forbidden to enter the room. [Just kidding]

On 3/18 @ 1:45 I'm moderating a panel on "Animal Sidekicks and Wild Animals."

After the conference we're vacationing and then taking a multi-day birdwatching trip!
November 5, 2016 Kingsford, Michigan I particpated in the "Annual Big Holiday Craft Show" held at the Kingsford Middle School.

Recent Virtual Visits

March 8, 2017 Elaine Douts is interviewing all four authors of Lowcountry Crime: Four Novellas on the Writers Who Kill blog.
February 15, 2017 7-10p EST 50 Shades of Cabernet FB Party

Hang out with the authors. Win prizes. I'll be there around 8:30 or so.
February 20, 2017 New Release Monday

Judy Penz Sheluk is featuring Lowcountry Crime.
September 29, 2016 I visited the fine folks at the Mysteritas Blog where their monthly theme is "textures." Join us and find out how I interpreted that broad topic.

September 7, 2016 I talked about traveling for Doubtful Relations research on Travels with Kaye (George) Blog.

August 31, 2016 Lois Winston invited me join her amateur sleuth and visit her Anastasia Pollack Blog. Her sleuth and mine are concerned with financial stuff and I wrote about ways to short-circuit financial abuse of the elderly.

August 24, 2016 cj petterson invited me to visit the Lyrical Pens Blog where I wrote about a tool every author should have in his or her toolbox, the Auditory Read Through.

August 23, 2016 On Doubtful Relations' release date, Kait Carson interviews me on Motive Meets Opportunity Blog. Interesting questions with new insights.

August 17, 2016 Grace Toppin interviews me for the Writers Who Kill Blog. She gets under the hood with her questions.

August 16, 2016 Hank Philippi Ryan invited me to visit Femmes Fatales Blog where I talked about Social Styles as they relate to characterization.

August 15, 2016 I visited Judy Penz Sheluk to promote preorder of Doubtful Relations.

August 6, 2016 I talked about family secrets at Jungle Red Writers. Lots of interesting discussion in the comments.


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