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Bridge Links

Here are some of the websites I have found most useful. If you have suggestions, let me know.

If you are looking for an explanation of a convention, try these sites:

bullet I usually go here first: The Bridge Guys
bullet If you are interested in learning the Standard American Yellow Card system, here's a pdf you can download from the American Contract Bridge League.

Some authors whose books I have found useful also have websites with good information.

bullet My all-time favorite is Eddie Kantar
bullet I have also found Mike Lawrence's website to be chocked full of good stuff.
bullet If you like bridge blogs, Bridge Blogging gives you one-stop shopping for a variety of bridge bloggers.

This free windows-version double-dummy analyzer from bridgify has been very useful in helping me analyze hands.

I wrote a series of articles for the Superiorland Duplicate Bridge Club newsletter. You can find a list of the topics and links to the articles here.

Here's information about my Bridge Book published by Master Point Press.

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