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Bridge Articles

Until they decided to stop producing their newsletter, I wrote a series of articles for the Superiorland Duplicate Bridge Club. Below is a list of the topics and links to the articles. Click on the article to download a PDF version.

Index of Bridge Articles

Director (Please?) -- All about penalty cards

Score Those Honors -- Declarer Play

Playing Notrump Contracts -- Declarer Play

Notrump and the Hold-p Play, Part I

Notrump and the Hold-up Play, Part II

>Notrump & the Queen of Spades

When to Draw Trump -- Declarer Play

Leading Toward Honors -- Declarer Play

Ducking with Your Ace -- Defensive Play

Responding with Attitude on First Trick -- Defensive Play

Suit Preference Signals on First Discard -- Defensive Play

Focusing -- My New Year's Resolution


Other Bridge-Related Information

Here's information about my Bridge Book published by Master Point Press.

Over the years I have collected a number of useful bridge sites. You can find my suggestions with links on this page.

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