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One Trick at a Time: How to start winning at bridge is for players who don't regularly win at their local bridge club, but would like to. I'm not one of the grand Poohbahs of bridge, nor will I ever be. I made (all right, present tense is still very appropriate) make lots of mistakes, but along the way I've learned many tricks of the trade that I share in this book.
This is the book I wished I had read when I was an I/N. (Intermediate/Novice)
Here's what The Bridge World had to say about it: "Written for novices through intermediates, the book features detailed tips on bidding, play, opening leads, and defense; it provides uniformly sound advice through a refreshing writing style, appropriately humorous, well-organized, and carefully edited." New York Times Bridge Columnist Philip Adler includes One Trick at a Time: How to Start Winning Bridge as a great holdiay gift for intermediate players. He even uses an example from One Trick at a Timefor the column.
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I wrote a series of articles for the Superiorland Duplicate Bridge Club newsletter until it folded. You can find a list of the topics and links to the articles here.
Over the years I have collected a number of useful bridge sites. You can find my suggestions with links on this page.

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