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Bad Policy [978-1-943166-01-5]

Bad Policy Cover

When private financial investigator Seamus McCree returns to Cincinnati after a routine business trip, he discovers that his home has become a crime scene for a brutal murder. The victim in his basement is an acquaintance from a previous investigation. He’d endured bullets to both of his ankles, knees and elbows before the final blast to his head put him out of his misery.

No one has seen an “IRA six pack” victim since The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

Now the primary “person of interest” in the murder, Seamus must use his talent for logic and hard work to prove his innocence. Soon he uncovers a trail that leads back to his Boston roots - and a poisonous family feud dating from the divorce of Boston's Irish mafia and the Provisional IRA in the 1970s.

Driven by the chilling realization that there was more behind the death of his policeman father than he ever knew, Seamus ignores warnings from the police, friends and enemies and continues to dig for the truth.

As the body count climbs, all trails seem to lead back to him, and Seamus is forced to go underground to find out who is framing him - and why - before he becomes the next victim.

Check out the first four chapters of Bad Policy.

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What Readers Are Saying

  • A mix of big money, wayward passions, Irish politics, family secrets and enough odd characters to stage a sideshow, Bad Policy is a wild romp that kept me guessing and turning pages well into several nights. Tremendous fun!

    - Jack Kerley, internationally acclaimed author, Carson Ryder series

  • What a great story! Wry, witty and completely appealing - as if Robert B. Parker's Spenser moved to Ohio. I love Seamus McCree-a savvy PI who tackles the mysteries of life with heart and brains and humor.

    - Hank Phillippi Ryan, author, The Other Woman, an Anthony, Agatha & Macavity winner

  • Wow--this is some intricately woven story! I was up way too late, caught in the tangled webs of intrigue converging within this well-told tale.

    ~ G. G.

  • I liked Bad Policy so much I bought copies for my friends. I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery cover to cover ... and following Seamus McCree as he gets involved in an adventure filled with deception and intrigue in the process of solving what initially appears to be a simple case of murder.

    ~ P. W.

  • BAD POLICY reads like a fast-paced thriller while delivering a solid mystery plot. Seamus McCree is a fascinating protagonist, more complex than the usual thriller tough guy: He’s got a no-nonsense attitude and can keep his cool even when the police are questioning him about a homicide, but he also sings in the church choir; he has few illusions about life but knows how to relax with a good meal or a good book. His family connections and painful past add further depth to his character. The secondary characters are also engaging, particularly Seamus’s grown son, who uses his computer skills to further his father’s investigations. There’s plenty of action in this book, but there’s also plenty of humor, plenty of warmth, and even a little romance.

    ~ B.K. Stevens

  • Bad Policy is a clever page turner with a complex plot that kept me up well past my bedtime. I couldn’t put it down and wanted to read just one more paragraph...page...chapter. The characters were well rounded and believable. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Seamus and his son, Paddy. The witty and wry humor throughout the book was a fun and unexpected bonus!

    ~ K. Williams

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