False Bottom [978-1-943166-14-5]

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Seamus McCree returns to his native Boston to bury his Uncle Mike, a retired Boston police captain, who has been murdered. Seamus has been named executor of the estate, which is easy enough for him to settle. But he soon learns Uncle Mike has left a second, secret legacy - and that triggers an earthquake's worth of problems. Added to his troubles is the discovery that Uncle Mike's killer is now gunning for Seamus and his family.

Seamus must find a path through a labyrinth of lies and secrets stemming from his father's death more than forty years earlier and resolve all of Uncle Mike's legacies before the killer can strike again.

Check out the first four chapters of False Bottom.

Download the pdf here. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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What Readers Are Saying

  • Seamus McCree is a fascinating character and always manages to find his way into trouble. This time, his family is brought into a puzzling mystery, among other things, and it will keep you hooked until the end.

    ~ Sandee (Goodreads Review)

  • This is my first Seamus McCree story and I am so intrigued with this character that I plan to go back and read the earlier ones.

    ~ Betsy (Amazon Review)

  • I love a good suspense and this has it all. So much mystery, lots of twists and turns, so much going on, will he, won’t he? From start to finish each page grabbed my attention in this well written, absorbing and intricate story which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to you.

    ~ Susan J (Goodreads Review)

  • This is one that I had to binge-read, it was that good.

    ~ SuzMaC (Amazon Review)

  • I have loved this character from Book 1. He’s a great investigator, a little tough when he needs to be, yet caring when it’s called for. Combined with all of this, he is really and truly a good man.

    ~ Our Town Books

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