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Hijacked Legacy [978-1-943166-39-8]

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What you don’t know can kill you.

The Happy Reaper, notorious for his chilling efficiency and “Results Guaranteed” calling card, escapes prison. Instead of killing Seamus McCree on sight, he offers a diabolical bargain with a heart-stopping proviso. To live, Seamus must help the Happy Reaper find and eliminate the upstart impostor who’s trashing the assassin’s reputation

And Seamus must act quickly. Should the Happy Reaper’s bad heart give out or any harm come to him, the criminal underworld will wreak carnage on Seamus . . . and his loved ones.

Can Seamus outsmart the impostor and appease the Happy Reaper without losing his own soul? The only thing Seamus knows for sure is that time is running out.

Check out the first five scenes of Hijacked Legacy.

Download the pdf here. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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What Readers Are Saying

  • In Jackson’s Highjacked Legacy, the stakes couldn’t be higher: an escaped assassin promises not to kill Seamus McCree if he’ll take out the killer who's impersonating him—but it must be done before the assassin’s ailing heart gives out, or all bets are off. Tensions tighten like a coiled rattlesnake until no soul is left unscathed. Fair warning, reader: the ending is gut-punch!

    Carla Damron, award-winning author of Justice Be Done, The Orchid Tattoo, and The Stone Necklace

  • Jackson is a master of suspense.

    Highjacked Legacy hits all the high notes. From a reappearance of McCree’s nemesis to an ending you won’t see coming, this book will keep you up turning the pages late into the night.

    ~ Kait Carson author of the Hayden Kent mysteries

  • Saying this is the best ever Seamus McCree book would be nuts becuase I have loved every one I've read. Saying this is the most intricate plot might be true. Intricate does not mean tangled in this case. What Jackson has accomplished is a clear well-written thriller with many paths to follow.

    Maybe the most difficult part (for Seamus McCree) is to be the kind of person who keeps their word no matter what. Is it always the best path to keep true to whatever you've promised? Is it always the "right" thing to do?

    Seamus McCree is one of my most favorite fictional characters. I hope it isn't long 'til I get to read more abouit him.

    ~ Our Town Books Review

  • Unpredictable, complex, and intriguing, the twisty plot keeps readers guessing. Strong characters and an impressive sense of place add to the telling of the tale.

    Highly recommended.

    Joan, Goodreads Review

  • Seamus is forced to be his most creative in negotiating the multiple threats by using his friends and family to execute a plan to save his family.

    The story line was fun to read and one that kept me reading until the surprise ending!

    Danno, Amazon Review

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