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HIJACKED LEGACY (Seamus McCree #8)


What you don’t know can kill you.

The Happy Reaper, notorious for his chilling efficiency and “Results Guaranteed” calling card, escapes prison. Instead of killing Seamus McCree on sight, he offers a diabolical bargain with a heart-stopping proviso. To live, Seamus must help the Happy Reaper find and eliminate the upstart impostor who’s trashing the assassin’s reputation

And Seamus must act quickly. Should the Happy Reaper’s bad heart give out or any harm come to him, the criminal underworld will wreak carnage on Seamus . . . and his loved ones.

Can Seamus outsmart the impostor and appease the Happy Reaper without losing his own soul? The only thing Seamus knows for sure is that time is running out.

Check out the first five scenes of Hijacked Legacy.

Download the pdf here. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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A Note from Jim about the Seamus McCree series


I’m often asked by people unfamiliar with Seamus McCree and his friends and family which book they should read first. Before I answer, I ask a question of my own: “Do you prefer to read series in order?” If so, start with Ant Farm. (The books are in alphabetical order to make them easy to sort.) In Ant Farm, Seamus accepts his first field assignment, and readers meet his son, Paddy, and his arch-nemesis, the Happy Reaper.

Some people don’t care a whit for chronological order and press on, asking something like, “Which is the best?” or “Which is your favorite?” My favorite story is the one I’m currently writing. When I complete that one, my favorite changes to the next story. As for which is the “best,” opinions vary. You’ll have to read them all and decide for yourself (and drop me a note and let me know your favorite).

Some folks are drawn to a particular cover (check them out below) and choose to enter the series midstream. Others read the blurbs and choose based on the hook that grabs them. Others want to read a book set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and I'll suggest Cabin Fever. However you choose, I hope you’ll enjoy the story.

Click on the cover to learn more about each work, download a sample, and find purchase links.

The Seamus McCree Series (Individual Books)

Ant Farm Cover
Bad Policy Cover
Cabin Fever
Doubtful Relations
Empty Promises
False Bottom
Granite Oath

Hikjacked Legacy Cover Coming Soon
Low Tide at Tybee


The Seamus McCree Series (Boxed Sets)

Books 2-4 of the Seamus McCree Novels
Books 5-7 of the Seamus McCree Novels
Seamus McCree U.P. North
This compendium includes the novels Cabin Fever and Empty Promises and two short stories, all set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

| Ant Farm   | Bad Policy   | Cabin Fever   | Doubtful Relations   | Empty Promises   | False Bottom   | Furthermore   | Granite Oath   | Hijacked Legacy   | Low Tide at Tybee   | One Trick at a Time

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